poem: volcano diary

the first in a series of self-penned poems: ‘the charred last entry in the volcano diary reads….’

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Black Panther – Review

Lively, fun, an important watershed amongst blockbusters, Black Panther’s derivative themes & workmanlike direction keep it from taking flight, & the CGI-heavy action doesn’t raise the pulse…

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Life – A Micro-Review

Moderately dull with a decent denouement, Life shows no ambition to break free from orbit of the movies that inspire it…

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Godzilla (2014) – A Reappraisal (& a comparison to Alien: Covenant)

Worthy of returning to, Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla builds tension and delivers action with real impact (and loss) in elegant set pieces whose design and execution leave Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant in the shade…

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The Bride Of Glomdal – Review

Dreyer’s 1926 pastoral is as masterful in its scenic naturalism as it is in its understated but intense performances. One moment of unreadable mystery amid the final action lift Glomdal into the realm of poetry…

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The Andromeda Strain – a short review

a slow but gripping exemplar of the thoughtful, serious sci-fi that was wiped out by the arrival of Star Wars in 1977…

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The Last Jedi – Review

Director Rian Johnson burns down the conventions of the Star Wars movie at the same time as revelling in them. It’s a stunning, wildly entertaining feat….

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