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2nd Annual Octopus Films Short Film Showcase – Review

Brighton Indie film collective showcase their impressive portfolio of shorts, full of humour, pathos, visual flair and irreverent detail…

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Justice League – Review

A CGI villain unworthy of a noughties video game, weird digital grading and a macguffin I’ve already forgotten, but Justice League is still fun, and saved by Joss Whedon’s humanist comedic midas touch….

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Blade Runner 2049 – Review

A triumph visually, aurally, thematically, Blade Runner 2049 extends the ideas of its predecessor and stands on its own as an exemplary work of grown-up sci-fi. Its misogyny is disturbing but expressive of its fascinating theme of the fragility of the new and the genuine in a world degraded and brutalised by capitalism…

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The Lorax: Ideology & the dream of escape

The Lorax makes a weirdly serious attempt to show the destructive, all-powerful might of capitalism & ideology, but it relies upon a fallacy in order to offer the dream of escape. . .

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Night and the City

One of the best, though not best remembered noir classic, Night and the City does for a scarred post-war London what The Third Man did for Vienna, turning it into a mythic space of shadow, deceit and downfall. . .

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War for the Planet of the Apes – Review

Serious themes, superlative mo-cap animation, but the movie is a little ‘off’ with its curiously clich├ęd score and tearful monologues. But the anxieties over contagion and de-evolution resonate with our times….

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Dunkirk – Review

Unlike Interstellar, which was hamstrung by its ponderous poetic voiceover and its arse-aching running time, Dunkirk is a svelte, streamlined masterpiece that packs an emotional wallop, contains superlative cinematography, an outstanding score, genuine pathos and artistic as well as historical resonance

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