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The Bride Of Glomdal – Review

Dreyer’s 1926 pastoral is as masterful in its scenic naturalism as it is in its understated but intense performances. One moment of unreadable mystery amid the final action lift Glomdal into the realm of poetry…

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Night and the City

One of the best, though not best remembered noir classic, Night and the City does for a scarred post-war London what The Third Man did for Vienna, turning it into a mythic space of shadow, deceit and downfall. . .

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Hitchcock’s Spellbound (1945)

hitchcock spellbound

i saw Hitchcock’s ‘Spellbound’ last night. i remember seeing it as a teenager, and loving the Dali-designed dream sequence, which still stands up as a great, haunting sequence. the dated animation and practical sets seem to have an increased impact

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