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Avengers: Infinity War – Review

Was it worth the wait and the build up? You bet it was! The Russo brothers prove themselves again with a perfect blend of action, drama and spectacle. A two-and-a-half hour finale that is nothing short of epic and startling from beginning to (cliffhanger) end.

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Black Panther – Review

Lively, fun, an important watershed amongst blockbusters, Black Panther’s derivative themes & workmanlike direction keep it from taking flight, & the CGI-heavy action doesn’t raise the pulse…

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Justice League – Review

A CGI villain unworthy of a noughties video game, weird digital grading and a macguffin I’ve already forgotten, but Justice League is still fun, and saved by Joss Whedon’s humanist comedic midas touch….

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Spiderman: Homecoming Review

Efficient rather than inspired, Spiderman: Homecoming is solid entertainment. It is made with heart, if not soul. Airy and engaging, it does not linger in the memory or fire the imagination.

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