When I was not much older than 10, I used to go to my local cinema and sit through two or three showings of my favourite movies back to back. You could do that in those days. The cinema would also show re-runs of popular movies, for quite a few years after their first run. The top two experiences of this kind for me were Star Wars (A New Hope) and Blade Runner. I was obsessive about both of these movies, for different reasons. Star Wars thrilled; Blade Runner enthralled with its ideas, its melancholia and visual poetry.

I am older now, and the way we watch movies has changed. But I still find myself captivated by film, by its history, its origins and eras, and although I am no expert, I want to crystallize in writing some of my preoccupations and ideas. I want to share the impact that film has had on me, and take you along on my journey of discovery, re-discovery, contemplation and preoccupation.

Much of what I write will be about sci-fi, fantasy, and genre cinema. I also love silent, vintage, noir and some world cinema, so expect an eclectic, scattershot blog! I may also stray into reflections upon music, poetry, ideas and art. Not all of it will interest you, which is fine by me, natürlich!

Mainstream or art-house, every movie has its off-kilter moment, its disturbing or weird, anomalous dimension. These are the aspects I intend to write about. So don’t expect fully rounded, boring reviews of every movie featured.

I studied film as part of my first degree, some years back, and have recently completed a PhD modernist literature. I am a musician, songwriter and lackadaisical poet.